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How does the zoom of a superzoom camera compare to a DSLR?

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When considering a new camera, you may be looking at a superzoom (sometimes known as a bridge) camera, and comparing it to a DSLR or other interchangeable lens camera. Superzooms and consumer DSLRs are often similarly priced.

The specs for the superzoom might show it as having a 24-1200mm equivalent zoom. But you can't buy a lens with this specification for the DSLR.

The DSLR might come with an 18-55mm lens, so that covers the wide end (roughly) equivalent to the superzoom. But how about that long end? Nope, it seems like you can't buy a 1200mm lens for a DSLR. Well, maybe you'll have to settle for a 600mm lens instead. But then you notice the price - as much as a small car.

So, why is a DSLR with equivalent lenses so much larger and more expensive than a superzoom camera? And why would anyone purchase a DSLR over a superzoom?

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Written by Discover Digital Photography

September 1st, 2013 at 2:58 pm