Learning Some Photography Basics

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If you are interested in learning about photography, then there are some photography basics that you should learn first. Taking photographs correctly can be a highly technical process and often requires a lot of skill to get the images that you desire.

Learning Some Photography Basics

Taking the perfect photograph cannot be taught in any school or from any book, it requires practice and hard work to get better on the part of the photographer. If you do not push yourself to get better and to take more creative photographs, you will remain an amateur in the world of photography forever.

Under the Pier - landscape photo of a view under a pier at sunset, with the lines of the pier creating converging lines
Under the Pier by Chad McDonald on flickr (licensed CC-BY-ND)

The Equipment Used for Photography

One of the first photography basics that you will need to learn is the different types of equipment and what each type of equipment is used for. The most important piece of equipment for photography and there are many different types of cameras available for an aspiring photographer to choose from.

Most photographers today are choosing digital cameras because of the ease of using them and changing the settings to fit any situation that the photographer may encounter. Another piece of equipment that is considered to be one of the photography basics is the tripod.

The tripod is used to hold the camera steady during the photography shots and will prevent blurring, crookedness, or movement while the photograph is being taken. A tripod can be a photographer's best friend, but you would be amazed at how many people call themselves true photographers and do not own a tripod for their camera.

The Photography Styles

The next step in learning the photography basics is to learn the different photography styles that can be used for taking a photograph. One of the most prominent styles of photography today is portrait photography which requires a sophisticated photography technique to improve the image of the face and the skin for the portrait.

100 Ways to Take Better Portrait Photographs
100 Ways to Take Better Portrait Photographs

Many people that practice photography professionally learned the photography basics of portrait taking early and decided to make that their career. Other types of photography include landscape photography, nature photography, wedding photography, and family photography.

The Creative Photography Handbook: A Sourcebook of Over 70 Techniques and Ideas
The Creative Photography Handbook: A Sourcebook of Over 70 Techniques and Ideas

Each of these photography styles have photography basics that must be learned if you hope to obtain a good photograph using that method. Photography can be very rewarding as a hobby or as a career, but excelling in the methods used in photography will take a great deal of dedication on the part of the photographer to improve their techniques and their images.

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