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Shooting techniques for sharp and contrasty photos

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As megapixel counts of cameras get ever higher, it's more and more important that you use good shooting technique if you want to make the most of those extra megapixels. The higher the resolution of your camera, the more likely it is you'll see blurring at the pixel level caused by camera shake.

If you have a high megapixel camera but use sloppy technique, you can end up with a photo that only contains a few megapixels worth of detail, but takes up a lot more space on your memory card and computer than an actual low megapixel image would. In this article we'll look at techniques when hand-holding a camera that can help ensure you capture as much detail as possible.

Shooting techniques for sharp and contrasty photos

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Written by Discover Digital Photography

March 27th, 2016 at 7:36 pm