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10 non-essential but useful accessories for your camera bag

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Let's be honest, the only 'essential' for your camera bag is a camera with lens attached. Everything else is just an extra, something that makes your life as a photographer that bit easier, or gives you more creative options.

In this article we'll look at a range of accessories that can be very useful to have in your camera bag. You're unlikely to want to carry all of them with you all the time. Some of the accessories are more suited to some styles of photography than others. But you might want to consider them when packing your bag for a specific shoot.

Just remember that while taking more accessories with you gives you added flexibility, it also adds more weight to your bag. While many of the accessories discussed here are small and light, you should still think carefully about the actual likelihood that you'll need an accessory before packing it.

10 non-essential but useful accessories for your camera bag

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Camera memory cards explained

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Very few digital cameras are made today with built-in memory, so a memory card is an essential accessory to be able to record photos. There are many different types of memory cards, and within each type, different capacities, speeds, and of course, costs.

Falling memory cards

In this article I'll look at memory cards and explain the differences between them. I'll also look at why some cost more than others for the same capacity, and why it's not always best to get the largest capacity card you can afford.

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