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Family and Group Portrait Photography Tips

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For a photographer, skills in family portraits are essential and are the bread and butter for many photographers. Looking at the history of photography, one of the first popular uses the camera was not for abstract art, or photographing the family pet, but for photographing people and their families.

Because of the expense and difficulty of each photo taken, they became masters at getting things right the first time and being able to fit in as many people as possible into the frame.

In order to hone in on the small things that make a difference in this classic and often overlooked form of photography, I have come up with my eight Family Portrait tips - five DO's and three DONT's.

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DSLR Amateurs: Wedding Photography Tips

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One of best pieces of advice for anybody undertaking wedding photography for the first time is: be prepared. Sit down with the couple well before the event and agree a list of shots, for example locations where you'll shoot just the couple and all the various groupings of family and friends. If possible, visit the locations in advance with the couple. Even if professionals don't need to do this, as an amateur it's worth leaving as little to chance as possible.

United in Love Wedding photo
United in Love by WTL photos on flickr (licensed CC-BY-ND)

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August 9th, 2011 at 5:00 am