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Don’t make these 7 mistakes with flash

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Almost all cameras sold today, whether a phone, compact, or ILC, feature a built-in flash. The few that don't (as well as many that do) often have a hot-shoe for adding a speedlight flash. And many photographers have one or more speedlight flashes they can use when the need arises.

But good use of flash isn't simply letting the camera pop up the flash whenever you're shooting in low light levels. In this article we'll look at seven mistakes people sometimes make regarding flash, and how avoiding these mistakes can help you get better photos.

Don't make these 7 mistakes with flash

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Fill Flash

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Fill flash is where you use your camera's flash (or an external flash unit) as a secondary light to fill in shadows.

One of the main uses for fill flash is when photographing people under bright light (for example on a sunny day). The harsh light creates strong shadows on the face. But by using fill flash, you can add some light to the shadows and reduce their appearance.

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Written by Discover Digital Photography

August 30th, 2011 at 1:09 pm