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Why You Should Avoid Using Tripods in the City

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Author: Andrew Malek

Say what? Tripods allow digital cameras to take longer exposures without experiencing "camera shake", allowing you to take clearer pictures, especially useful at nighttime or other low-light situations. So why would this article suggest you not use one when in an urban environment?

Unfortunately, using a tripod in the middle of a city can cause you to receive all sorts of undesired attention. Even if you are on a public street, to all appearances out of the way of other passers-by, operating a digital camera on a tripod can potentially get you into trouble with over-aggressive (but usually well-intentioned) security or police officers.

No tripods [squared circle]
No tripods [squared circle] by Mr Wabu on flickr (licensed CC-BY-SA)

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December 20th, 2011 at 12:16 pm

Tripod Alternatives for Photographers

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Magnificent Monopods

Monopods may be one of the best inventions to come along for outdoor photographers. These stick-like supports do a super job, and they can be packed and carried with ease. Monopods are light in weight, don't take up much room, and can provide a very steady platform for your camera. Don't waste your money on cheap models. Buy a good quality monopod and enjoy it.

Monopods are great for photographers who are covering sporting events, capturing photos of wildlife, or focusing in on a final sunset. A one-legged support can't give you the rock-hard steady platform that a tripod can, but it will provide more than enough support for most types of shots. The big advantage to a monopod is that it is so easy to carry with you that it will be there when you need it, and a heavy tripod may not be.

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