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Black and White Photography Tips – Four Tips For Great Black and White Pictures

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These black and white photography tips will help you to recognize good black and white photo subjects and to be able to photograph and edit these for the best effects.

b/w experiment
b/w experiment by { pranav } on flickr (licensed CC-BY)

Black and white photography is an excellent way to train the eye to recognize remarkable photo composition which is why so many photography courses and schools teach black and white early on.

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Black & White photography tips

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Black & White photography is similar in many ways to color photography, but also different. Both are about capturing light, and the majority of compositional rules apply to both color and black and white photography. But with black white photography, we must rely of differences in tone, rather than color when capturing the image.

Barn in the snow B&W landscape photo
Barn by Jyrki Salmi on flickr (licensed CC-BY-SA)

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March 4th, 2011 at 5:09 am