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Taking great photos with your kit lens

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Interchangeable Lens Cameras are often sold in kits containing a basic zoom lens. Because these lenses come with the camera as part of a kit, they are often referred to as 'kit lenses'.

The kit lens depends on the camera, but it is practically always a zoom. Often it is something like an 18-55mm for an APS-C camera, 24-100mm for a full frame camera, or 14-24mm for a m4/3 camera. These are all roughly equivalent.

The kit lens lets you go from wide-angle to short telephoto and everything in between. It's a good all-round general purpose lens.

Often you may read disparaging remarks about kit lenses. For sure, they're not the sharpest lenses around, and they don't have fast apertures for easily creating smooth and creamy out of focus backgrounds. But they're surprisingly useful and can give great results when you play to their strengths.

Taking great photos with your kit lens

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Written by Discover Digital Photography

July 10th, 2016 at 3:15 pm

Getting Great Pictures with a Basic Camera

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Author: Andy Lim

Great pictures don't necessarily come from high-end cameras and expensive lenses. Here are tips that you can apply even when using cameras like the one on the IPhone. If you can use these principles to get great pictures using basic cameras, imagine how much better a photographer you'll be with serious photography gear!

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Written by Andy Lim

December 1st, 2011 at 1:35 pm