How to Find Photography Equipment

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You can come across photography gear for sale in a range of ways. Regardless of whether you prefer to shop at a retail store, or look for bargains online, finding photography gear doesn't need to be difficult. Sit back and watch for legitimate offers, and high quality sellers by sticking to these tips for finding photography equipment.

  1. Visit your nearby photo processing lab. and ask the associates if they market photography equipment. Usually mini photo labs provide a limited quantity of gear as an extra service for customers. Buying batteries, digital camera straps, movie and mass media cards at photo labs ought to be easy. Several camera models, lenses, cleanup products and instructional publications are commonly offered at bigger photo labs.

  2. Read photography trade magazines. Photography associated journals and mags provide marketing to photography gear retailers. Filling the pages of those mags are providers for any range of gear from lighting, to digital camera bodies, props and photographic services. Appearance on the back within the newspaper for any selection of ads with new and used photography gear for sale.

  3. Go on the web and search for photography retailers. Quite a few brick and mortar shops also provide an on the web edition of their services and products. Quite a few of those sites checklist their offered merchandise and provide ordering over the internet. Finding photography gear on these sites is easy, because it is categorized and nicely organized.

    B&H Photo - Homepage

  4. Browse the auction websites to come across used, and new, photography equipment. Exclusive functions and sellers usually use this method as one more method to market their equipment. Watch for return policies, U.S. based warranties will not always be provided, you may need to check the warranty details with the provider.

    eBay screenshot
    eBay is a popular online auction site where you can find a large amount of photographic equipment for sale

  5. Check your nearby newspaper. Professional photographers, university photography students and hobbyists market and upgrade their gear on a regular basis. You can come across photography gear for purchase from local people within your hometown newspaper.

  6. Visit nearby pawn shops. Surrendering higher valued electronics, for example photography equipment, is common at pawn shops. Check the gear over for damage, and request if it works. Make sure there is really a return coverage in place if the gear malfunctions.

    Pawn shop
    pawn by Joelk75 on flickr (licensed CC-BY)

  7. Call nearby colleges, request for the artwork and journalism departments, and speak to the photography instructors. When a class ends, students that don't carry on on with their photography usually appeal for purchasers of their used equipment. Commonly this gear has not been used much, and may be outstanding value.

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