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Basic Photography Course Introducing Stock Photography

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Author: Dan Feildman

Stock photography is simply photos taken "on spec". This means the photographer takes pictures of various objects, people, or situations, and sells them after the pictures have been taken. They are not on a specific photography assignment, instead they are taking photos of subjects they'd like to take pictures of.

Stock Photo of woman with cameras from iStock

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What is Stock Photography?

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What is stock photography? To many photographers it is a path to profits. Other photographers find it to be a hole of frustration. Realistically, stock photography is somewhere between these two extremes.

There are three ways to look at stock photography. The first is the view that photographers have of it. Stock agencies will see stock photography differently. Buyers of stock photos are sure to have their own impression of what stock photography is.

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January 2nd, 2011 at 10:06 am