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Nimble / Minimalist Photography – Doing more with less

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In recent years there has been a move towards smaller, lighter cameras. Some photographers have moved to using these cameras from much larger and heavier DSLR cameras, and so termed this use of smaller / less equipment as Nimble Photography or Minimalist (as in terms of gear) Photography.

It's not just about a reduction in the amount of photography gear they use though, it's also about a change in workflow. Spending less time behind the computer, more time shooting, and getting pictures out much faster is part of the movement.

Nimble / Minimalist Photography - Doing more with less

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A simple Guide to Saving money when Buying a Small Digital Camera

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Author: Tom Hawkins

As a Professional photographer I get asked very often I want to buy a new small camera which one is the best to buy?

There is no absolute correct answer but I can outline in guide below some considerations that will help you with your choice and purchase and hopefully save you some money and indecision. Buying a camera can be an emotional experience. I believe that most of this emotion.

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June 8th, 2011 at 5:00 am