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Product Photography Tips 2

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Following on from the previous article on Product Photography, in this article I'll share a few more tips.

The products I've used for the example photos in this article are rather old and worn, but you are best off photographing a product when it is new, or at least still in good condition. Generally you'll want the product to look it's best, so make sure it is clean, wipe any dust off, and check for any scratches or blemishes.

For more dynamic product photos, try lighting your product from one side. This brings out detail and texture of the product, as opposed to the rather flat lighting you can get if you light your product straight on.

Photo of camera with no background highlight

Adding a light on the background can work well to emphasize your product:

Photo of camera with background highlight added

For a light coming up from the 'horizon', like a sunrise behind your product (as in the photo above), you can do the following:

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January 31st, 2012 at 11:16 am