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The Hidden Costs to Consider When Budgeting For a New Camera

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When considering a new camera, we often just look at the features and cost of the camera compared to similar cameras. However, there are many 'hidden' costs as well.

It's not really that the other costs are hidden, but just that we don't normally think about them. If you are planning on buying a simple compact camera, there aren't many other extra costs. But for more advanced cameras, especially interchangeable lens cameras, there can be quite a few extra costs.

So, in this article I'll cover these items whose costs can quickly add to the cost of the camera alone. All the items are optional, but you will probably find yourself wanting some of them, so it is a good idea to consider their cost when budgeting for a new camera.

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Written by Discover Digital Photography

August 13th, 2012 at 1:24 pm